PHOTOS: A magical spot in Limassol that you may have passed without noticing before!

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Some of the most charming spots in the city, may have slept your attention, until you had a proper look at them. This is probably the case with the seaside walkway that leads to this cozy kiosk, at the edge of this arm that signifies the beach area at Agios Tychon.

If you don’t let your look explore carefully the place, you will never notice the ideal partnership of green and blue, of the leisure of an organized beach and the romantic vibes of a lonesome gazing, the serenity of a calming walk with the vitality of the games on the sand. This walkway seems to have been made in a way to be ideal for any age, any mood, any hour and any season.

The beach at Agios Tychon area offers many beautiful spots, but few of them have this kind of diversity that is present in front of the Poseidonia hotel. A walk with the kids, which can enjoy games at the little playground or the beach, a place for fitness, a spot for meeting friends or walking alone, a chance for relaxation and meditation, they are all advantages of that same walkway.

Even if walks on the beach are mainly a summertime thing, this kiosk on the edge of the arm is the best place to go to when the weather starts turning tricky. If you make sure to have the proper clothing on, you may enjoy a unique experience, with a view to the dark blue of the winter waves.

The wide, paved bridge, connecting the hotel with the coast, is perfectly paired with the idyllic scenery. Looking over the bridge, towards the wooden kiosk on the stone-built arm in the sea, you cannot but feel a strange attraction to the place and the only thing certain is that you should not resist to it.

Extra tip: Sunrise or sunset can turn this area twice as much impressive, especially with the kind of view one can enjoy from the wooden kiosk.

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