PHOTOS: A historical mansion in Limassol will open after decades as a hotel!

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A historical mansion, a few steps from Limassol’s seafront, is coming back to life, after being deserted for many years, in the form of a new hotel like no other in the city. Sir Paul Hotel, bearing the name of Sir Paul Pavlides, will be opening again soon for the public after the mid-August, being a living historical heirloom.

The mansion of Paul Pavlides at the corner of Ifigenias and Agiou Andreou Streets, is one of the most impressive, classical buildings still standing in the city. After the original residents left it, the building served a variety of uses (it became an office area, an extension of the nearby Metropole Hotel and even a stable), but it remained completely deserted for a many decades. The wish of the owner’s ancestors to create a special hotel in Limassol’s historical center, restoring the building in its original form, eventually saved it from being completely forgotten.

Its 22 spacious rooms, with high ceilings and arches that have been a typical element of that eras architectural style, have been furnished with custom designed furniture, which reflect the necessary elegance that suits this place, following a modern and minimal design. One of the most impressive features of the building is its patio, where the hotel’s café and restaurant are located, enjoying the shade from the olive trees that complement the elegant decoration of this area.

A few meters norther from the hotel (next to the building where the CUT Library is now located), there is another stunning mansion, which was given as a wedding gift to Krystallia Pavlides, after she got married to the business man Paul Pavlides. Check it out here.