Filellinon Park

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The Philhellene Park, which is located in the Agios Ioannis district and has long been a beloved destination for the local residents, was upgraded in 2019, unveiling a modern image and facilities that are suitable for playing, exercising, and other activities.

The main purpose of the upgrade was the improvement of the local residents’ quality of life, and the beautification of the area. The select green areas, the children’s playground built to modern safety standards, the artificial ponds with fountains and the welcoming refreshment bar that were created within the park make it a welcome and convenient stop for everyone.

The features of the space allow both adults and children, as well as people with reduced mobility, to utilize the park as a meeting point and a place to socialize. The wooden bleachers facilitate the organization of events, and the park is well lit throughout. 

Thus, this 4300 square meter space has become the core of an entire neighborhood.