Paris Tower: The impressive 'building without corners', in the heart of the Limassol city!

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It is the buildings without corners, which has significantly changed the image of one of the most central spots in Limassol, at the juncture of Makarios Avenue and Ayias Filaxeos Street. In a city that keeps growing and constantly attracting the attention of large companies from around the world, Paris Tower was designed in order to combine modern looks and functionality.

Even though it is located on a corner, this building stands out for the curves that frame each side. This design was aiming to underline the fact that the building’s volume is a natural sequence of the movement and the rhythm of the city’s life in this commercial avenue. The 7-floor towers that rises over the ground floor area, is covered with reflecting surfaces in different shades, creating the effect of a digitalised façade.

Combining the cold shades of the towers, to the warm-colored details on the ground floors and the northern side, this building has managed to leave its mark as an impressive, modern construction in the heart of the city.

These features are of course one of the reasons the building hosts well-known companies from abroad, such as Ancoria Bank, on the ground floor, and the Safebulkers ship management company, which chose this building to move to Limassol from Athens, naming the tower after it, too. Thus, the building was designed by Armeftis & Associates firm in Limassol, will be known from now on as Safebulkers Tower.