Panagiotis Governor's Beach

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This little cove has been identified by most people as the most characteristic of Governor’s beach, with its typical, fine sand and the tall, white cliffs that surround the crystal clear waters. These are just some of its main advantages, but the restaurant overlooking the beach is yet another reason for visitors to flock to this area.

Panagiotis’ Restaurant has been around for decades, resulting in the majority of people referring to the beach below it by its name. And though the beach shares many of the same features as its neighboring beaches, the combination of the quiet, family atmosphere, the wild vegetation and the services offered by the restaurant make this beach a standout option in the area.

The steps that lead from the top of the cliff to the beach allow for swimmers’ easy access to and from the restaurant. Thus, a dip in the sea can easily be combine with a meal or a coffee, accompanied always by panoramic sea views.

Panagiotis Restaurant: 25 632315