Panagia Valana Excursion Site (Lania)

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Northwest of Lania, on a hill overlooking the entire village, there is a church of great historical importance to the area. Two temples stand there today, one small and humble, and the other larger, with a tall belfry and dome. Between the 2 churches, a shady park was created, featuring modern facilities that is available for excursions.

The Panagia Valana excursion site is nestled in this quiet corner, beneath the shade of the pine trees, awaiting visitors who opt for this alternative location for their picnic. Though the space is not particularly big, it offers approximately 10 wooden benches that can accommodate friends and family. There are also benches specifically marked for people with mobility issues, which can easily be reached by a mobility vehicle or wheelchair.

One of the area’s main assets is a spacious playground with modern specifications, ideal for young children. The view from the outermost benches of the picnic site completes this idyllic atmosphere.


The picnic site is just 5 minutes away from the village, but the hill, surrounded by vineyards and wild flora, seems to be completely remote. The road to the site is accessible to all vehicles.