Palm Beach (Governor's Beach)

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Blue Flag
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At the easternmost end of Limassol, is located one of the most special coasts of Cyprus. Governor's Beach, awarded with Blue Flag, is an area which has been a popular leisure destination for decades, and its eastern bay, equipped with modern facilities, is one of Limassol's popular destinations for dining or a swim.

The beach is just 5 minutes away from the Limassol - Nicosia motorway, about 20 minutes from Limassol and 30 minutes from Nicosia. A small section of dirt road leads to a large area which serves as a parking lot, since most visitors arrive by car. Although relatively small, Palm Beach bay is a quiet corner for families and friends. The beach bar that operates there serves refreshing drinks and snacks, while the Kalymnos restaurant on top of the cliff above the beach offers meals with panoramic views of the area.

The white rocks, like chalk, chiselled from the sea in such a way as to create large, white platforms above and beside the water, constitute a unique spectacle that makes the coast particularly interesting. Beyond the two large, sandy bay under the rock of Kalymnos Restaurant, there are many smaller coves between the white rocks, where one can enjoy the feeling of a small "private" beach.

The contrast between the white of the rocks and the blue of the sea is impressive, but the reflections of the colours of sunset and sunrise on this beach make it even more special.