Oshi Asian: A restaurant in Limassol featuring high-tech tables from the future!

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In recent years, it has been possible to use a tablet or a phone to order food, see what it looks like, find out the cost, and modify your order accordingly. This convenience, of course, is not something that you will find when visiting an actual restaurant. Unless, of course, it is a particular restaurant in the old town of Limassol. 

It is one of the very few restaurants in the world that features tables which operate as a large tablet or phone. Oshi Asian Interactive is an ultra-modern restaurant featuring Asian cuisine, which has opted for a pioneering method in its approach to customer service. It uses interactive, 55-inch digital screens in its dining area which allow people to browse the menu, select their dish, see what it looks like, order, keep an eye on their bill, choose a backdrop for their dining experience, or even connect to a live feed of their food being prepared in the kitchen.

The functionality of these tables is reminiscent of digital applications on tablets or smartphones, except they are much larger, with options that directly serve the needs of this particular restaurant. The dining area of Oshi Asian Interactive features 20 of these tables, which were an investment of €180,000 for the business. Of course, in this way, the restaurant has managed to save time from its staff's duties, as it does not require them to approach the diners except to deliver food or drinks that have been ordered using the interactive interface. 

The tables are both user-friendly and fun, as they allow guests to customize their environment according to their mood, or even use their own personal photos as a backdrop during their dining experience.

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