Orosimo Café: A picturesque spot for coffee, homemade sweets and snacks!

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One of the characteristic spots in the Limassol mountains is the central street in Platres, which is a popular destination for carefree strolls and dining. On this street, one may find a charming little café, which has become a beloved stop for many.

Orosimo Café is a warm space for all hours of the day, offering coffee and various drinks, breakfast and light snacks.

The menu options  are characterized by the warmth of home-cooked meals. Coffee is accompanied by homemade sweets, which vary according to season.

The apple pie with ice cream is one of the most popular choices. The tables inside the cheerfully designed space are the classic choice for the winter months, but the balcony is ideal for summer and spring.

Address: Olympiou 13
Contact number: 25 422150