Options for brunch and traditional 'boukkoma' in the villages of Limassol!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

In the countryside of Limassol, there are several options for brunch lately.

In many cases, the menu adjusts to the traditional flavors and local products of the village, offering a hint of nostalgia with every bite.

Either traditional, or classic, the brunch in the countryside s always a special experience, accompanied by idyllic views and a picturesque atmosphere.

1. Lenia's tavern (Vouni)

Lenia’s tavern in Vouni, serves Cypriot "boukoma" on the weekends, with homemade jams, meats and cheeses, village bread, eggs and many more treats.

Contact number: 25 717117, 99 542803

2. Bakaliko tou Hapsi (Agros)

At the eastern entrance of Agros village, the old grocery shop has become a coffee shop, where one can enjoy a filling, Cypriot “boukkoma”, with coffee and views of the village.

Contact number: 99 409108

3. Hovoli coffee shop (Kyperounda)

In the center of Kyperounda village, this coffee shop offers a wealthy platter on Sundays, with local flavors, for a traditional brunch. The balcony view doubles the pleasure.

Contact number: 99 893756

4. Petit Palais hotel (Platres)

One of the most beautiful balconies with views of the evergreen pine forest in the mountains of Limassol, in Petit Palais hotel in Platres, offers a daily brunch menu in Rendezvous Restaurant.

Contact number: 25 422723

5. New Helvetia hotel (Platres)

Brunch is available at the veranda of New Helvetia Hotel on weekends. An important reason to give it a try, is the amazing views of Pouziaris hill.

Contact number: 25 421348

6. The Village Project (Amiandos)

In Amiandos community park, next to a cooling stream, The Village Project with the collaboration of the Clock Café offers a tasty, traditional meal on summer Saturday mornings. Reservations are necessary.

Contact number: 96 402424, 99 485130

7. Arkatena Fotini (Omodos)

The 'arkateno' bread in Omodos has become a unique option for brunch, paired with marmalade, chocolate praline and dried nuts, accompanied by aromatic coffee. Besides the arkatena, the shop also offers homemade sweets

Contact number: 99 284201

8. George’s Son and Daughter (Omodos)

A well-known hangout in Omodos for coffee, homemade sweets and chocolates, which also offers snacks and brunch options with eggs and sausages.

Address: Omodos (next to the central parking lot)
Contact number: 25 422142

9. Aristoklis Brunch (Pachna)

An authentic Cypriot brunch menu, with the heavenly smell of fresh sourdough bread, free-range eggs, grilled smoked lountza, fresh anari garnished with carob syrup, and homemade jams.

Address: 16 Griva Digeni Street, Pachna
Contact number: 99400226, 99612842

10. Costas Café Bar (Trimiklini)

A relaxing space with an impressive view of the green valley through which the Kouris River crosses, offers dining options for any hour of the day, including breakfast dishes of waffles and crepes, sandwiches and omelettes.

Address: 159 Panagias Eleousis, Trimiklini (central Limassol-Platres Road)
Contact number: 25 432735