OPENING: This is the new spot for dining at the Limassol Old Port!

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A new, elegant spot for quick bites, in a beautiful environment by the sea, has just come along at the Limassol Old Port. Rosemary arrived in the city, ready toy become a destination for favorite flavors ans scents, both with its menu and its name (since rosemary has a scent that most people remember from grandma's yard).

A spacious area, with modern looks and decorations, prepares favorite and traditional options for you to enjoy from early in the day, until late at night. With rosemary bouquets hanging above your head, you can order what you fancy better out of a large range of gyros in Greek, Cyprus or Arabic pita bread, Italian ciabatta bread, club sandwich in pita or hot dogs. But, what you should pay some serious attention to, is the large serving of stuffed jacket potato (at around half a kilo) with several fillings to choose from.

At Rosemary, the jacket potato has a leading role, being one of the most impressive and fulfilling options in the menu.With a choice of fillings among Bolognese (with beef), Carbonara, vegetables carry, chicken Stroganof (with fresh cream), napolitana and chilli con carne, as well as dozens of other assortments (from cheese too salads and sauce), this potato can only fix your appetite for good. 

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