OPENING: The traditional triangle sweets from Panorama in Thessaloniki, now found in Limassol!

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The well-known triangle pastry with cream filling from Panorama, is a trade mark of Thessaloniki for decades and has been loved by anyone who has visited this Greek major city. There may be several versions of this sweet, but the authentic recipe, the one manufactured like in Panorama, Thessaloniki, always stands out. So, this new store has brought this recipe in Limassol.

It is an art developed in Thessaloniki, whose main secret is its handmade, special ‘filo’ pastry, which is kneaded for a long time before it is baked. The result is an irresistible cone of pastry layers, dipped in syrup, which is both crunchy and soft at the same time, filled with the special, fresh cream, that marks the characteristic flavour of this sweet. The triangle cones arrive at the shop straight from Thessaloniki and they are filled with cream the moment you order them, in order to enjoy them all-fresh.

The shop Trigona Panoramatos is also an opportunity for people to get acquainted with other sweet temptations, too, just as tasty and interesting. There are all kinds of traditional sweets, based on syrup-dipped pastry (from ‘touloumbes’ and ‘rox’, to ‘kourkoumbinia’), but there are also many more options to explores, with interesting combinations of nuts, cream, chocolate and fruits. For those who are not into the syrup-based sweets, the shop makes delicious, fresh profiterole.

Address: 48, Agias Fylaxeos (opposite Agip gas station)
Contact number: 99 110803