OPENING: The Salad Bar which arrived to make the healthy lifestyle a habit

The ‘Try Me Salads’ is a new proposition for the lovers of healthy nutrition and more specifically for the lovers of salads, as its name says.

The new arrival is located in the center of the city nearby Pentadromos and it has been born through the love for healthy and good food, which has a great taste at the same time. An important role for the creation of the salad bar played today’s society and the fact that employees with busy schedule do not have the time to feed themselves properly.

For this exact reason, the store offers its customers the option to order their salads online, which it delivers them at place and time that they want. Having estimated the nutrition values of every meal, Try Me Salads comes to save time from your busy schedule and give a solution to your problem by offering you food made of fresh ingredients, helping you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Trymesalads is located at 23, Gladstonos Street.