OPENING: The return of a landmark kebab shop in Limassol, with a fresh new perspective and flavors!

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For decades, this traditional kebab shop on Gladstonos Street was a classic dining choice in Limassol. In fact, its popularity with the locals was reflected in the posters and photographs of the city covering its walls. The time came for the changing of the guard, however, and after closing its doors for a while, ‘To Feggaraki’ returns with a new set of dynamics.

With a fresh new perspective, and new ideas and flavors, the shop has made a fresh start, keeping the most characteristic of its traditional elements, while at the same time introducing creative and interesting changes. Its menu is simple, honest, and 100% Cypriot, offers souvlaki, sieftalia, Cypriot sausage, and pork chops.

Among the creative touches is the homemade pickles, as well as the plans for adding an imaginative menu of drinks and cocktails.

Address: 94 Gladstonos
Contact number: 25747488