OPENING: The new 'gourmet' Greek kebab spot at the Limassol seafront!

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Another tasty and modern opening comes along to contribute to the change of setting and to enrich the options of those visiting the tourist area in Germasoyia to spend their time in Limassol. This gourmet, Greek kebab spot, which opened 1 year ago in Limassol and has been loved by locals and foreigners, now has another store in the city.

At the Limassol seafront, in one of the most popular areas, Thymari has now presented a new venue, with the same vibe and approach as the first one that has become one of people's favorites, since it opened at the Old Port area. With modern design, where the elements of the Mediterranean nature and cuisine are dominant, emphasizing in black, metal material and wooden details, this new restaurant is a beautiful option for fast, but quality, dining.

With constant reference to the classic souvlaki, its menu invests in unique combinations and the special method of grilling meats that have been marinated for hours before reaching the rack. Juicy fillets, soft burgers, meat on the spit, aromatic potatoes and amazing taste combinations in its artisan salads, make it possible for anyone to leave both full an content, enjoying the quality and variety offered in the menu.

Address: 58, Vasileos Georgiou I, Potamos Germasoyias

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