OPENING: The new burger joint in Limassol is so much more than it seems!

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In one of Limassol’s most frequented areas, just a few meters from the sea, a tasteful venue has recently made an appearance, with the aim of offering that perfect beer and burger combo to the city’s inhabitants. Mad Burger is spring’s new arrival in the Enaerios area, and it is already making waves thanks to its appearance as well as its unique menu.

A beautiful balcony fitted with attractive, wooden furnishings and plenty of green offers a relaxed atmosphere that is reminiscent of places far away. Inside, the kitchen prepares well-made burgers in truly imaginative combinations. And while a simple burger is just as good a gastronomic option as any, the menu also includes a variety of appetizers and sides, such as fries and sweet potato fries, soups and salads.

The drinks that accompany meals in this beautiful space also play a leading role. The restaurant’s collection of craft beers – both local and imported – include flavors that deviate from the standard fare, and each complements the food in unique ways. As the weather begins to warm up, visitors can also choose from a selection of signature cocktails, some of which even offer a beer base.

Address: 239 Archbishop Makarios Avenue (Enaerios)
Contact number: 25 255455