OPENING: The new all-day destination in Limassol is a space with a fairytale atmosphere!

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In the street that connects the seafront avenue with the historic center of Limassol, a unique space was recently created, featuring a colorful, fairytale atmosphere and delicious flavors.

Amy’s Addictions is a hangout for all hours of the day, and is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate, as it welcomes visitors to an environment that inspires calmness and positivity. Pastel shades and luxurious flourishes in the décor make it an ideal escape at any point during the day.

The menu is yet another good reason to visit, as the impressive smoothies, yummy sweets and delicious brunch dishes are both a culinary delight and Instagram-worthy.

Address: 9 Koumandarias Street
Contact number: 70001889