OPENING: The much anticipated spot with the 'sinful' menu opens its doors in Limassol!

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The well-known franchise that has everybody going crazy these past few years in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania, and has attracted international attention with its culinary options, will be opening its doors in Limassol by the end of September.

After a long anticipation for several months, the restaurant that brought “bougatsan” in our lives, combining the delight of traditional Greek bougatsa and the fine taste of a croissant, will be now serving at the tables of an inner yard, at a most busy place in the city. The restaurant is located at Maximos Plaza, close to Agios Nicolaos roundabout, and it is expected to become a favorite spot for brunch and all-day meals.

Estrella has managed to stand out by presenting a menu that turned the best meal of the day into an all-day luxury and pleasure. With taste combinations inspired by street food, enriched and perfectly presented in the dishes, the menu of this new restaurant, that was recently featured in Travel Channel, is about to become a new trend at the culinary options in Limassol.

Address: Maximos Plaza, Georgiou Griva & Makarios III Avenue (close to Agios Nicolaos roundabout)
Contact number: 99 878 742

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