OPENING: The Greek crepe - temptation 'lands' in the Limassol city center!

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The Greek approach to a crepe has a whole other meaning. Crepa — Crepa one of the most well-known franchises in these sector in Greece, arrives to Limassol to open one of those shops that exude of sweet and savory smells of a crepe, tingling your nose from many meters away.

A few meters from the Saripolou Square, the well-known Crepa - Creap food chain from Greece and Qatar, opens its first store in Cyprus. The menu has it all: sweet crepes overflowing with chocolate, nougat, nuts and delicious fruits, savory crepes with tempting combinations of cheeses, sauces and ham or sausages, crepa bites for all your friends, crepa dog and crepa cone. These temptations that will haunt you forever once you have tried them, are preparing to make an opening to be discussed in the heart of Limassol. For coffee lovers, Crepa — Crepa has something different to propose, with coffee roasted in a wood oven.

Apart from the numerous options in ingredients and a special menu for brunch, the shop prepares exclusively for Limassol a special area to resemble somewhat to a square. Thus, you will get your crepe and sit on the bench to enjoy it on your time. Since the shop is situated in an area known for late night entertainment, its operation hours will aim to satisfy those going out until the early morning hours.

Address: 15, Kanari & Saripolou street
Contact number: 25 771 710

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