OPENING: The German red that sets Limassol's nights on fire!

Heroes Square is changing. This change keeps going on for some time now, but the signs are starting to show more clearly. The new after-midnight hung out place in Limassol center, Rote (reddish, in German) Club, is the new and fresh proposal for nightlife entertaiment. Behind a huge red door, a place that stands out for its musical selections and the great names hosting at the decks, aims to become an essential part in the future of the most characteristic square of Limassol.

After the official opening back in October 2016, Rote Club, has already hosted important Djs from European countries with a tradition in electronic dance scene. At the same time, the club consistently supports local music producers, who present some quality work these past few years and slowly find their place in people’s preferences. "We wanted to say that this is here, too" says Andreas, the owner of the Club, who made a step into proposing a dance club with entertaining music and a bit of Berlin’s vibe to the people.

"I saw something in the square," says Andreas, who feels a breeze of renewal blowing in the night life of the city and seized the opportunity to propose something that has never existed in the center of Limassol, until now. So, the nights at the square, now dance to house, techno and progressive beats, while the big, red door stays open to anything fresh and new. Investing in the aesthetics of the place, the quality alcohol and a great sound installation, Rote Club wants to give the stimulus for the people to get acquainted to something new and to be able to choose. Besides Andreas is sure that "it is an advantage to be different."

More details about the club here.

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