OPENING:The flower shop with the roses that speak!

The new flower shop ‘Speaking Roses’, which is located at Yermasoyia area, is here to teach that it is the small things that count in life after all, and that even the simplest gesture can open many doors.

What makes ‘Speaking Roses’ special, is the innovative idea which turned the common flower offering into a personal business, giving it a more romantic character. The flower shop offers you the possibility to put your own personal stigma in your present, by picking from 1 variety of pictures, symbols and messages, which can be printed directly on fresh flowers of your own choice.

The ‘roses that speak’ constitute an original and simultaneously sweet idea, as you can now express your true feelings without hesitations. If you belong to the category of people who have a hard time expressing themselves, here is the solution then, if it only regards a simple ‘Thank you’ or the grand ‘I love you’ who many wait patiently to hear.

The only thing that you have to do is to pick the kind of the flowers that you want, starting from roses, to tulips and gardenias, and then ending up with the message that you want your flowers to carry. Let the beauty and the fragrance of flowers to do what they know best, bringing people closer though small daily gestures. 

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