OPENING: The first iStorm store opened in Limassol Marina!

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 The first iStorm store operates in Limassol lately. Apple’s special associate has opened a second store in Cyprus, offering, offering easier access to the full range of their favorite brand.

The new iStorm store continues the successful course of the franchise, 2 years after the opening of the Nicosia store. This is the eighth store of the only Apple Premium Reseller franchise in Greece and Cyprus, offering the products of the well-known brand, as well as repair services.

The iStorm Ltd. Belongs to Quest Group and has been working with Apple Premium Reseller (APR) stores. The aim of these stores is to offer – both to professionals and amateur users – as well as to those who wish to get acquainted to the entire Apple product range, the opportunity for a close encounter with all of its products.

Address: Limassol Marina
Contact number: 25 053500