OPENING: The Cypriot idea which brought the traditional grocery shop back to life has now come to Limassol!

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The neighborhood grocery store was traditionally the place from where households would purchase their daily necessities. It was the place housewives would turn to for everything from spices to food to soap. As neighborhoods and cities have grown, however, needs have changed, and this is why the idea of the grocery shop has taken on a new form, as is the case with the rather different shop that opened its doors recently in Limassol.

Bakali is an idea that made its debut in Nicosia. This unique space immediately made an impression, and the idea of it gained faithful followers. It features a large and varied collection of traditional and natural products, used for both cooking and for therapeutic purposes, and this is the main reason people flock to this modern grocery store.

Its arrival in Limassol was even more special, as was housed in a much larger shop, which allowed the products to be easily showcased via an impressive shelving system. Immune strengthening herbal teas, spices, olive oil, therapeutic oils, spoon sweets and imaginative combinations of healthy jams, natural soaps and cosmetics, as well as perfumes, are just some of what visitors can expect to find in the comfortable space of Bakali.

The guidance offered by the shop staff who know all the secrets and abilities of the products is particularly helpful to those visiting the shop for the first time.

Address: 39 Kolonakiou Street
Contact number: 25 565602