OPENING: The 'Corner of Angels' is a Limassol hangout that is worthy of its name!

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There are certain locations that have such a unique character and atmosphere, that finding an appropriate name for them becomes very easy. This was the case with “Corner of Angels,” a space created within the stone paved streets of a special village in Limassol, which enjoys unobstructed views of the green slopes surrounding it, as well as a traditional warmth.

This tasteful hangout is the brainchild of its 2 owners, mother and daughter, who were inspired by the traditional coffee shops that once existed in large numbers in the area, as Vouni was a wealthy village with a large population until the mid-20th century. The idea of the coffee shop, complete with wooden tables and straw chairs, was enhanced with modern flourishes, resulting in a space that is ideal for enjoying a morning coffee, and afternoon sweet (from traditional fruit sweets and refreshing 'mahalepi', to a delicious chocolate cake), as well as an evening drink.

The passion and imagination of the owners are apparent in all the details of the space, from the well-looked-after flower pots and the distinctive bar with the façade of an old bus to the charming curtains in the windows and the elegant décor, all of which contribute to a joyful, welcoming atmosphere.

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The large balcony with a view at the back of the coffee shop is just one of the options for outdoor seating, along with the paved area in the entrance that is often preferred by patrons. Wherever you choose to sit, the warm hospitality of the village and the delicious menu options will make it a worthwhile choice.

Address: Vouni
Contact number: 99 401077, 99 883003