OPENING: Sweet sins and healthy snacks 2(Go) in 1 at the Old Port!

The walks at the seafront spark your appetite - do not deny it. Those are the times when you are desperately asking for something tasty, easy and quick to get to go and continue to gaze at the view, enjoying a double pleasure. There are, however, those groups (we all have them) that do not seem to agree on anything: some keep a healthy diet and others are binging enthusiasts. To stop the fights and have them all happy... just keep reading.

In December 2016 at the most central point of the Old Port, 2GO was created, as a concept convenient store with fragrant freshly ground coffee illy, yummy donuts, healthy cocktails, delicious pastries and pies, fresh sandwiches and salads, freshly squeezed juices, delicious desserts, tobacco, wine, chocolates and more. The list is huge and the only reason it does not keep going on is because you are definitely drooling already.

The good news is that the chances to pass outside 2GO are too many because it is in the most convenient place, close to some of the most beautiful corners of the city. The even better news is that the space itself makes you want to visit as often as possible, having been designed with influences from the cosmopolitan London and other major European and international metropolitan centers by the talented team of Salt & Pepper. If you decide - just for the delight of it - to stay a little longer in it, you will discover a few more treasures, such as decorative area, home accessories, illy coffee machines and selected toys.

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