OPENING: Street food turns into healthy food in a container in Limassol!

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Street food is generally not considered to be the healthiest culinary option, let alone food that is well-prepared, with creative flavors and controlled calories. Of course, there is an exception to every rule, as is demonstrated by Φoodπροjεct.

At the entrance to Parekklisa, to and from the highway, a unique kitchen has been set up inside a converted container. Breakfast, lunch and nutritious snacks are prepared daily in this space that is easily accessible to travelers (and others).

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Φoodπροjεct might be reminiscent of a canteen, but it is actually a kitchen that places emphasis on good quality ingredients with a high nutritional value, and all menu items are prepared fresh on the spot.

From bars and energy balls, vitamin-enriched juices and sugar-free sweets, to refreshing salads, burgers and salmon and shrimp dishes, the menu is a study in refined dining.

Address: Grigori Auxentiou, Parekklisia
Contact number: 99 008767