OPENING: Something has changed at the Limassol city, bringing an old-times feeling!

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Groups of smiling people, small table, beautiful music, breezy drinks and meze. This is the scenery that has been established in the alleys of the Limassol old town. The relaxes vibes and the friendly mood is the trend that has been gaining ground, with new venues supporting this option more and more.

"Kompboloi" (rosary) is the latest new opening in Limassol. It is a place that refers to good old times, even by its name, with the sound f a rosary, the chit — chats with friends and the favorite melodies were all anyone needed to have a perfectly fine closure for the day.

With simple and catered wooden tables and chairs on the walkway, this new spot welcomes people at Saripolou Square, which is now on a turning point, following this new trend in entertainment. You will find groups of people of any age sitting there, enjoying their coffee at the afternoon, and you will still see people having a good time until late, even after midnight, when the vibe gets warmer, with plenty of live music options.

This traditional-like coffee shop is open daily from 5 pm and stays open until 1 am on week days and until 2 am on weekends.

Address: Saripolou Square
Contact number: 99 889 888