OPENING: New Yves Rocher shop at Anexartisias Street

On Saturday 11th of February, the official opening of the new Yves Rocher shop at Anexartisias street took place, flooding the city centre with natural and unique scents right from France.

Representatives of the company of C.A.Papaellinas and crowds honored the event with their presence, which arrived to see the store from close. The customers had the opportunity to try the cosmetic lines from botanic products and benefit from amazing offers. The new shop at Anexartisias is the second one in Limassol and it follows the standards of the respective French brand.

The aim of the brand is to be able to offer its customers unique moments of natural beauty, care and grooming. The vision of Yves Rocher is exclusively inspired by biological products, in a harmonized combination of the environment with the nature. C.A.Papaellinas group has been in charge of the spread of Yves Rocher in Cyprus 4 years ago, with 6 stores all over the island being in the availability of the people.   

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