OPENING: New Timinis store makes a glamorous entry in Limassol

A building of unique architectural design is the latest jewel in Arch. Makarios III Avenue in Limassol. The new Timinis store manages to turn some heads both with its impressive showcase and its size, as well as the unique shape of the building that hosts it. With the signature of Armeftis & Associates architectural office, the well-known company manages to make a new entry that perfectly matches the brilliance of the days.

The building of the new store has been formed in a wedge shape, which ensures splendor and grandeur through its simplicity of design. The simple lines of the design complement the modern, minimalistic decoration of the window and the inside area of the store, designed by Chris Alexandrou Interior Designers. This unique image of the space is in absolute harmony with the lighting, an integral element to the aesthetics of the store.

Shopping in Limassol is always a pleasant experience, and this store adds to it  as a new, special destination for shoppers. Apart from the well-known quality of Timinis merchandise, the visit to the store is itself a chance to enjoy this unique environment. The holidays certainly do offer plenty of opportunities for these kind visits.

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