OPENING: New spot in Limassol, with worldwide renowned flavors!

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Ipanema Espresso, the best Brazilian coffee of its kind, one of the top 4 Specialty Coffees and one of the top 10 in the entire world, has now found its place in Limassol, at a new spot for relaxing moments, or to enjoy on the go. Ipanema Espresso Bar came along with autumn at down town Limassol, to enrich our options in flavors, after returning to the everyday routine.

Thus, the from the mountains of Brazil and the endless plantations of coffee trees, the awarded coffee has landed in a most busy place in the city, at Agias Zonis street, just a few minutes from Pentadromos. The new spot for drinks and tasty snacks, is now an option for aromatic coffee on the way to work or shopping, as well as the way to go for a relaxing break in the day.

The well-known franchise has managed to win the people over with 3 stores in Nicosia for some time now, and it has eventually arrived in Limassol, too, offering coffee with low acidity, and light aromas of honey and orange. The place is decorated in a modern and hospitable way, with cozy sitting indoors and outdoors. People are already seeking out for tasty and invigorating moments at the heart of the city, from 7 am to 9 pm, while there is also a delivery service provided.

Address: 22, Agias Zonis street 

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