OPENING: New hung out place at Makariou for coffee, relaxation and sweet or savory bites!

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Makariou avenue in Limassol may be the main area for coffee and relaxing times, but Migiale came to leave its mark in a neighborhood where this kind of a venue was missing so far. Coffee and drinks, sweet and savory snacks have their own spot, just a few meters from the corner of Leontiou and Makariou (Fairways traffic lights).

Migiale welcomes you with a comfortable lounge in warm colors and wooden decorations, furnished with cozy armchairs and sofas, as well as spacious porch for those hours in the sun and the air. The same area hosts a children’s spot for kids up to 8 years old, so that parents can comfortably enjoy their coffee. Take away services and delivery is provided for of the items in the menu.

In the menu, one finds aromatic coffee, tea, a variety of juices and many more drinks for all tastes. Sweet dishes are the best company for your afternoon coffee, with delicious waffles, chocolates cakes and cream with fruit and nuts. For a quick meal, the solution are its salads and savory bites. So, either on a break from work, or while shopping, or even for an easy and relaxed escape from home, there is something tempting and new that you should try.

Address: Makariou Avenue (corner with Aiolou)
Contact number: 25 372 700

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