OPENING: New coffee - meze shop at a city center that keeps changing!

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In a spot where the intense night life had actually found its place for several years now, the tone seems to be changing significantly. The new coffee – meze shop that has been open for a few weeks now in the heart of the city, is a hint of the lower profile venues spreading at Saripolou Square area.

The coffee – meze shop 50 – 50 is basically the evolution of a venue that was established as a bar with strong vibes, music and dancing. Drastically changing its image, the place now represents a trend of younger generations turning towards more traditional ways of entertainment. Dining tables, easy music with options from rebetiko to favorite old, Greek songs and the feeling of a large company, are the elements that consist this new idea.

With wine, chilled drought Greek beer, ouzo, as well as special sangria, for a multicultural taste, the 50 – 50 promises some beautiful and relaxed moments, accompanied by cold ouzo meze, platters with charcuterie and cheese, or even a variety of grilled meats. The new spot is open from 6 pm till after midnight, while from September is becoming an all-day coffee shop, too.

Address: Saripolou Square
Contact number: 96 666 429

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