OPENING: 'Mbarmba Andreas' is a new, modern space in Limassol with traditional values!

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On a street that was once the beating heart of Limassol in the mid-20th century, and which continues to be one of the city’s busiest streets today, a new venue that is reminiscent of the neighborhood grocery shops of old has made its appearance. ‘Mbarmba Andreas’ chose Gladstonos Street to make its debut, offering the people of Limassol a concept that is familiar, yet fully upgraded.

The idea behind ‘Mbarmba Andreas’ fruit and vegetable market came about when a wholesale company that had been cooperating with a large supermarket chain for many years decided to focus on the creation of autonomous shops in various parts of the city. The purpose of this change was the company’s desire to upgrade consumers’ options, creating a space that is contemporary, clean and well-kept, from which they can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and essentials, the way people have been doing for years at the neighborhood greengrocer.

With an emphasis on image, the market has been clad with wood both on the exterior and the interior, making it look even more like the traditional grocery stores of the previous century. The range of products it offers to its customers include seasonal fruits and vegetables, imported exotic fruits such as jackfruit and durian (which is very popular in vegetarian cooking), as well as organic items of Cypriot production.

Address: Gladstonos 118 B
Contact number: 25 313067