OPENING: Limassol's newest hangout for small dishes, ouzo and shisha in the square!

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Heroes' Square, besides being one of the few squares that existed in Cyprus during British rule, was also one of the areas in Limassol that always offered options for recreation to the locals. This tradition continues to this day, as there is always an opportunity for a stroll through the square, especially when new spots make their appearance, such as the meze tavern which recently opened its doors.

This small ouzerie set up its tables right on the paved walkway, next to a Limassol landmark, the Aris Limassol club. It is called ‘Sta Ouza Mas,’ a name selected to accurately reflect its character as well as the precise reason for which to visit it. Following the philosophy of the traditional Greek meze taverns, this venue is a great spot to meet up with friends, within a relaxed environment, and enjoy delicious meze dishes and drinks.  

The menu features a variety of meat and seafood, and anything that can be pleasantly accompanied by the choice of ouzo, tsipouro, or zivania, depending on each patron’s taste and preferences. The retro flourishes in the décor of the space feature elements from the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, and these complement the musical selections that serenade visitors. ‘Rembetiko’ nights often take place, featuring live music.

For those who desire it, this hangout also offers a variety of shisha flavors.

Address: Heroes’ Square
Contact number: 99 349295