OPENING: Limassol now has a room you can smash, when feeling pissed-off!

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If you cannot admit that you have thought of smashing everything around you at least once in your life, then you must be lying. So, go ahead and admit it without fear, and, before endangering the life of yours or of people around you, or even before having to replace the dishes in your kitchen, check out the rage room, which has just opened in Limassol.

The time has it and the tension builds day by day, while you feel like you’ ve reached the edge sometimes, so the need to break through and release your rage is strong. Rage Room is a place where you find a way out of this feelings. In a safe area, where you can enter with a special uniform, resistant to hits, you have the right to start smashing everything around you, in any possible way, until it feels good.

The room has glass bottles and old appliances, both electric and electronic, which is basically what you usually feel like smashing in your own house, too, but you think twice when you remember that this may harm your pocket eventually. The Rage Rom in Limassol, though, gets all these items instead of having them recycled after they are no longer in use. So, when you are finished, any remaining pieces are collected and sent to recycling, either way.

So, are you still thinking about it?

Address: 31, Georgiou Gennadiou (Municipal Market Square)
Contact number: 97 831 600