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OPENING: In Limassol, these ice creams, cakes and cookies can be good for you!

Ice cream, cakes, cookies, vegetable chips, energy bars, crackers. Ordinarily, all these are not considered suitable if you are watching your diet and your health, if you do sports or trying to lose weight.

In Limassol, though, this new place gives you the opportunity to enjoy sweet and savory delicacies, which can be tasty and beneficial to your health at the same time. Smoothie & Sweetie, at Ayias Fylaxeos street, just a few minutes away from the old city, provides some special flavors for nibbling of for a quick meal and a smoothie, which will overthrow any arguments that try to keep you away from sweets.

After the success of the shop at Pissouri village and after its products gaining a reputation all over Cyprus, being hosted in several venues on the island, this new arrival in the heart of the Limassol city was something that many have been expecting. So, if you want something alternative and light for the munchies, you should try jasmine, blueberry or chocolate flavored, vegan ice cream, sweet potato, cucumber or beetroot chips, lactose free cheese cake in various flavors and refreshing smoothies with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Address: 28, Ayias Fylaxeos street
Contact number: 99 79 20 57

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