OPENING: Ice cream rolls are now in Limassol and they are absolutely tempting!

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Rolled ice cream has become an ultimate global trend in the world lately. The making procedure of this popular dessert is itself quite mesmerizing. Within a few minutes, the cream turns into fresh ice cream and is rolled into delicious cylinders, ready to be consumed. Apart from that, though, only after someone has a taste, will know why exactly is everyone so crazy about it.

The first rolled ice cream store in Limassol has opened just a few days ago and is becoming a way into loving this delicacy. First of all, it is all about choosing any flavor, ingredient, scent, color and combination to enjoy a dessert truly customized to you liking. And then it is about feeling every single flavor, every texture, clear and distinct, since the ice cream is made in front of your own eyes, more fresh than ever.

The Ice Cream Roll Bar, at the Limassol old town center, has already drawn the attention of those visiting Saripolou Square area, with its seductive taste suggestions. The menu, apart from rolled ice cream, also includes bubble waffle, crepes, fruit salad and many more tasty surprises.

Address: 25, Kanari street (near Saripolou Square)
Contact number: 99 713 872

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