OPENING: How 2 young people brought life to a hidden alley in the Limassol center!

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Gladstonos Street, one of Limassol’s most traditionally active, commercial streets, has always been a favorite spot for a leisurely stroll. It is there that Andreas and Anna decided to set up a space they created to serve deliciously unique flavors to the public.

Anna specializes in raw-vegan cuisine, creating healthy sweet and savory recipes for quick meals. Andreas has a penchant for drinks and beverages, ranging from coffee to craft beers. Theirs was a meeting of the minds – and the flavors – as their tastes tied together harmoniously to create a space with its own identity that also reflects the simplicity and fresh outlook of its young owners.

Raw and WegoOut Liquids have found a new home in the space of an old shop, which was renovated by the two young owners, who kept the elegant, mosaic tiles, adding vintage 1960s-era furnishings and an abundance of greenery. In this way, they created a unique hangout that offers everything the two of them would want from a night out, where visitors can enjoy a cozy little nook and a relaxed atmosphere from morning to evening.

Address: 59 Gladstonos Str. (in the arcade)
Contact number: 25 582356