OPENING: Gelato by La Galerie of Galactica goes to Yermasoyia!

The excellent, Italian ice cream by La Galerie decides to enter the tourist area of Yermasoyia. It hasn’t been a year since the opening of the store in the renewed Limassol Old Port, but now its unique flavors are traveling onto the other side of the city, so that no one's walks by the sea are left without the sweetness and freshness of ice cream.

In a space that has been attended with the same artistry as the products offered in the shop, Galactica Gelato by the sea creates a destination ideal for some sweet sins. Coffee, juices, smoothies, milk shakes, as well as biscuits, pastry and, of course, the authentic Italian Gelato ice cream will be offered in an environment with great finesse and taste.

The second Galactica Gelato in Limassol, opens its doors in the heart of Limassol's tourist area, and prepares us for an incredibly sweet and delicious summer. The new store is located next to PLUS supermarket. Search for its playful, striped tent and its white tables, follow the sweet fragrance in the air and you will find it without any difficulty.

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