OPENING: Fresh and healthy snacks can be gourmet and delicious!

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At the Limassol City center, a few meters away from the popular Makarios Avenue, My Fresh Basket, a Cypriot-owned and operated shop with fresh options for small – or main – meals, offers since December 2016 an alternative for a snack at work or on the go.

Fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, healthy smoothies, coffee and a large variety of herbal tea, is its own suggestion for a daily diet with healthy and natural ingredients in descent prices, while supporting local farmers and economy. With the meals prepared in its kitchen, you get more control of what goes on your plate, you choose your desired salad base, the fillings and dressing.

Emphasizing on quality and selective flavors, it has created a rather interesting menu with fruits, vegetables, super-foods, such as kale, avocado, chia seeds and more, salmon and tuna and many more tasty products. Either you choose to pick it up from the shop, or order it for delivery at your own place, or you even decide to have a quick bite on the go at the cozy an beautifully decorated shop, you are sure the at least your mom would be proud of your choice.

Contact number: 25 387 654
Address: 10B, Nikou Pattixi 

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