OPENING: Demetris and Cristina have brought an innovative new store to Limassol!

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Demetris and Cristina have opened an innovative new store in the center of Limassol, in a location that evokes memories from the ‘60s.

Agno Zero Waste is a grocery store for the new era, fulfilling the needs and goals of modern society, while at the same time utilizing and bringing new light to an old shop on Gladstonos Street.

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The concept of a store that does not use plastic packaging is not dissimilar to the way grocery stores operated in the previous century. However, in 2021, it is a concept that promotes and encourages something that is very different to what we are used to.

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The aim is for customers to stock up on basic household products without becoming loaded down with packaging that will end up in the trash. You can therefore take your reusable shopping bags and containers with you, and fill them with everything from legumes to detergents.

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Besides being ecological and economical, this grocery store also offers a way to support local producers by purchasing their products. A new approach in shopping, eventually changes our relationship with the producers, the products and the idea of consuming in general.

Address: 59 Gladstonos Street
Contact number: 25 255048