OPENING: Delicious street food, in a favorite bar of the city!

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Mason Bar is one of the most beloved go-to places for drinks and entertainment right in the center of Limassol. Their addition of Afterbite, a delicious street food cuisine, has given people even more reasons to prefer it.

The Afterbite matches the bar environment perfectly, since its food is ideal to accompany a drink or be the reason for a meet up. The hospitable inner courtyard of the well-preserved stone building has been proven ideal for people to enjoy the special menu, while there are many others who choose the take away and delivery services.

Burgers with fluffy buns, along with chicken or mushrooms, crispy fries and sweet potatoes, creamy mac & cheese and golden pieces of fried chicken with irresistible sauces and American desserts are just some of the Afterbite’ s menu staples.

Contact number: 96 944911