OPENING: Constantinos and Giorgos prepare a special kind of street food on a… motorcycle!

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Street food has typically been in vans or containers, but Constantinos and Giorgos brought to life a new concept of delicious and nutritious food from inside a classic vehicle with Italian finesse and a 70 year history.

Concetto Ape was named after the characteristic gray Ape motorbike that acts as a means of transportation but is also the trademark of this particular project. Combining their passion for classic vehicles and cooking respectively, Constantinos and Giorgos have brought a new approach to food to Limassol.

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Their menu features creative flavors, with fresh, seasonal ingredients, including brunch, pizza or pasta dishes.

You will find Concetto Ape in pop-up locations all over the city, or you can have them serve your own events.

Contact number: 99 767831