OPENING: Club serves delicious pizza from a wood oven at a restored building in Limassol

Hunger just before or while you're out for drinks is a great torment. And what can chips and nuts do for you, when you are hungry? Favela Club has come to propose something new in the nightlife of Limassol, but it also solves a problem that its founders encountered first: the cravings.

Its door may be opening, when the darkness has already fallen for good, but it keeps something of the feel of a neighborhood from the old times and the spirit of a party of people. So, even before people start to gather, woods in the oven are set on fire and the pizzas are starting to take turns. Those who know, arrive early to take a spot. Those who do not know, are lured in by the smell, anyway. Within minutes the first fragrant pizzas begin to circulate among the tables to become the most delicious supplement for the drinks served in the bar.

This is the Cypriot version of the favela: a paved patio with a tent and a bench, leading back into a warm and spacious area, with large wooden bars, tables based on stands made from old bikes and a large stage suitable for hosting any kind of live shows, music and more. The freshly baked pizza is without doubt a great advantage, but this alternative club, which opened its doors during the holidays, still has many surprises coming up.