OPENING: Beloved Asian flavors from a new canteen in Limassol!

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Asian fare is a popular choice for adventurous foodies looking to explore exotic flavors. In the summer of 2020, a team of Limassolians decided to give a new twist to this beloved cuisine.

A canteen was set up on the main road of Ypsonas, serving up some of the most popular Asian dishes with a decidedly ‘street food’ style flair. The ‘En Asian’ canteen has created a menu with delicious options for take away, order in, or to enjoy on the spot as you make a pit stop in the area.

The menu offers the option of a base dish (various noodle types or fluffy bao buns) that can be accompanied by your choice of ingredients and sauces. Additional selections include sushi, spring rolls, and salads.

Address: 33 Elia Kannaourou, Ypsonas
Contact number: 96 735786