OPENING: An oasis of harmony and taste in the bustling center of Limassol!

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A young duo has joined forces to materialize their dream of creating a unique space with an offering unlike any other amidst the hustle and bustle of the Limassol city center,

The Urban Healthouse is precisely that, and more. It is comfortable and bright, with an ambience that is elegant and modern, yet at the same time accessible and intimate. It offers city residents a place to have a quick coffee break, cozy up with a book or get some work done on the computer, all while finding plenty of nourishment to keep your belly full.

Tailored to the needs of the fast-paced daily lives of those who frequent the city center, this new hangout offers a wide range of highly nutritious meals, with a detailed description of the ingredients and calories of each. Healthy sweets, fresh juice in glass bottles, homemade peanut butter, marmalades and Greek honey all complement its tasty options.

The loft space can be utilized for events, studying, or even yoga classes.

Address: 50 Gladstonos Street
Contact number: 25 101763