OPENING: A traditional grocery store from back in the 50s, serves meze in Limassol!

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A scene from classic Greek cinema and the usual imagery of the typical grocery store from back the days, is revived at the Limassol city center. This was, after all, the goal when a traditional store from the 50s was set up to receive the people of the 21st century.

It is an idea coming from the narrations of previous generations, when they used to go for shopping at the grocery store, but they would end up sitting down, having a bite and chatting about the daily news, before they moved on to the rest of their routine. This was the time when Saripolou Square was the center of retail trade in Limassol, where loads of merchandise were coming and going all day, while people would choose to have a rest at the places around this area.

Belalidika is a new place that revives the concept of a retro grocery store, adopting the style and feel of a traditional coffee shop with meze. When each bite reminds you something of the decades gone by, when the glasses are clinging full of wine or ouzo, along with laughter and chatting, friends share familiar tastes, like the traditional charcuterie and sardines, Cretan rusk, mahalepi and traditional rice pudding.

The menu is a delight on its own, since you can read it through, like an actual newspaper, to choose from a tasty range of bites, as well as to find out about the history of Saripolou Square.

Address: 55, Saripolou Street
Contact number: 99 488 065