OPENING: A tasteful hangout in Limassol which combines rustic bread, gourmet sweets and excellent coffee!

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A new and modern hangout has been in operation in recent months on one of Limassol’s most frequented streets, the prime location of Gladstonos Street, right in the beating heart of Limassol.

Nomad has identified the needs of the people who make their way around that area, and created a go-to space for when you want to perk up with an invigorating coffee, are thirsty for a nutritious smoothie, or are feeling hunger pangs for a snack or the day’s fresh bread on your way home. Of course, beyond the variety it offers, Nomad Bread & Coffee also aims to meet quality levels that are difficult to find in this day in age.

From handmade sourdough bread that is so hearty and fragrant it fills your belly, to the tempting Kalopesas sweets, this unique menu has ensured that every option is a truly a delicious surprise. For short lunch breaks, the shop also offers an interesting range of salads, sandwiches and quick meals in healthy and nutritious combinations.

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The coffee, which is a key part of this concept, bears the stamp of award-winning Greek label, The Underdog. If you choose to enjoy your coffee within the space of Nomad, you can opt to sit in its colorful front terrace, or its unique mezzanine with a view of the street in front.

Contact number: 25 254520