OPENING: A supermarket featuring exclusively fasting, vegan, and healthy products!

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Most supermarkets have recently begun offering options for people following a vegetarian and vegan diet, as well as for people avoiding gluten or lactose, and even for those who prefer to buy organic products. In Limassol, there is a new supermarket that caters exclusively to this crowd.

Vegan 4 Life is a concept store that serves people who are often restricted to certain food items due to a specialized diet, or they can't always find items they need. By offering a wide variety of vegan, gluten free, lactose free and organic foods and superfoods, there is something for everyone who follows an alternative nutrition program.

From the basics (such as nondairy milks and cheeses) to the more specialized (such as various meat substitutes for burgers and hot dots), as well as frozen or packaged foods, one can find a number of options for every meal of the day. A wide variety of sweet and savory snacks completes the picture.

Another bonus of the store is the collection of eco candles and cruelty free cosmetics, as well as recycled items.

Address: 105, Makarios Avenue
Contact number: 25 252435