OPENING: A stunning new venue, the latest addition in the Limassol city!

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A sense of luxury, out of the elegance of decades past, with details of velvet, satin, metallic shines and crystals, heavy curtains, impressive wallpapers and carpets consist the new addition in Limassol’s night life. A unique bar brings a taste of the entertainment introduced in the 1920s and 1930s in the now, with an impressive entrance in the city.

Bordello, with a name and looks that refer to the vividness and the vibes of the French cabarets of the previous century, is the much-talked-about new member of the Breeze group in Limassol. A restored building in Limassol’s historical city center, just a few steps away from the City Hall and the Deanery Square, hosts ever since the night of December 22nd the new, glamorous spot of the city.

The red carpet, the lanterns and the large windows will immediately catch your eye, but upon entering, Bordello amazes you with its interior, for good. The spacious venue, with low tables for dining or drinks all around, the luxurious sofas, the large bar and the central island bar allow you to experience this place the way you like it best, either more intensely or laid back, with music suitable for making a conversation, but even for dancing later on.

The bar opens at 8 pm and closes at 2 am, while the beats get stronger around midnight.

 Address: 6, Spyrou Kyprianou street
Contact number: 99 341 341